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Posts Published August 2012

  1. RNC white crowd

    Last night, Baratunde Thurston decided to count the number of black people attending the Republican National Convention (SPOILER ALERT: there weren’t very many). As Thurston explains:

    Obviously, I needed a hashtag, and #blackcount, #blackGOPcensus, and #negrorollcall were all boring. Inspired by the Food Spotting app, I went with #negrospotting. It rolls nicely off the tongue and clearly communicated my activities. Besides, if you’ve ever been the minority in the room (white people too), you know you’ve probably counted members of your own population. I just wanted to add a unique branding and some methodological rigor to the generally implicit practice in which we all engage.

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  2. ghidposter

    When Godzilla was released in 1954, it immediately became a cultural phenomenon, spawning a dubbed American version and a number of sequels, off-shoots, and copycats. With Godzilla, Japan’s Toho Studios had a worldwide megahit on their hands and the movie world was officially introduced to kaiju – Japanese for “strange beast.” By 1964, Toho had made four Godzilla movies, two Mothra movies, and one Rodan movie – so why not put them all together for the tenth anniversary? Because it’s silly is why, but they did it anyway. If you ever wondered what the monster-saturation level is, its Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster. Read More »

  3. A participatory photo meme began in immediate response to Clint Eastwood’s bizarre berating of an empty chair at last night’s Republican National Convention. Pointing at a chair is the new lying stiff as a board.

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  4. After seeing Clint Eastwood’s inspirational speech at the RNC, I know who I’m voting for!

  5. Part of being a full grown adult means keeping records. Lots and lots of records. The days of moving into whatever shit-hole would accept you are behind you and you discover that getting into a “nice” building means having to prove yourself. But after being under all that scrutiny, it’s nice to unwind with a margarita and tacos.

  6. Schnoz

    Something that has been nagging at me for a number of years is the way in which movie posters, especially DVD box covers, tend to be almost exactly the same. There’s a random shot of the main character in a pose never seen in the actual film coupled with too many words and lots of color. They’re uninspired, but that’s almost to be expected. However, if we turn to look at the movies of a particular Hollywood A-lister, the results become much more troubling.

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  7. As expected: An RNC attendee threw nuts at a black CNN camerawoman and called her an animal. [talkingpointsmemo]

    Unexpected: This guy’s t-shirt has a pun on it that made me smile. [redsuspenders]

    Unnecessarily: Bic thought that ladies needed their own special pens, inspiring some Three Wolf Moon-esque Amazon reviews. [consumerist]

    Up top: This map makes me kinda wish I was attending the RNC. [natesmith]

    On that note: Here’s Krispy Kreme singing a little bit for the girls on Facebook. [youtube]

  8. doc brown

    When I was a kid, I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to do for a living, and all of them came from movies I’d seen. I used to be what I refer to now as a “Whimsical Dandy,” a person who changes their entire life’s goal depending on what new thing they’ve heard about that week. Pretty much every time I watched a new film, I’d decide that is what I wanted to be for the rest of my life. None of those career goals included writing silly movie reviews or abstractly-premised conversations. I decided to stop off in my subconscious construct for another chat with my 8 year-old self to figure out how I got to where I am. Read More »

  9. Mainstream Republicans embarrassed of ever supporting cancerous ignorant racist Tea Party. [poormojo]

    Meanwhile, others expect Romney to dial the racism up to 11. [motherjones]

    Bill Nye talks about why teaching your kids Creationism is harmful. [uproxx]

    Scientists confirm that plants use sound to communicate with each other. [medicaldaily]

  10. redditors

    “High emotions, inside jokes, and cultish reverence for one interest above all: When you’re inside a fandom, it’s as if you’ve found your long lost people. But to outsiders, fan enthusiasm and rage can be truly insufferable.”

    Earlier today, the Daily Dot posted an article about the 10 worst fandoms as picked by Reddit. The short answer is “all of them,” with dishonorable mentions going to Juggalos, youth cannabis culture, Anime fans, and a handful of other interests that won’t get you upvotes strike Reddit as annoying, including memes and anti-fans. Because Reddit, Reddit is above all that nonsense. “If I ever hear anyone say ‘le’ or ‘me gusta’ in real life, I am going to run them down with my car, then post it to Reddit for karma,” Lauren Rae Orsini quoted Redditor Chakote as saying. Also, people who spend time bitching about the people they hate, that’s just obnoxious! As dinoswithjetpacks notes, his attention likely split between this comment and a meme he’s making for r/athiesm,  “What annoys me the most is the anti-fanbases. People glorifying the fact that they DON’T like something that’s popular.” That is very funny irony, you two!

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