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About Us

We eat angrily while our cats stare out the windows at the rain.

“So, this is a men’s interest site, right?”

Let’s face it. The manosphere is a strange place. There are the supposed “gentlemen” looking to give you really bad advice on how to be a man, the macho muscle bros who can teach you how to get your man-card back from your bitch, and Christian fundamentalist homophobes who believe gay people are possessed by demons.

How are you supposed to “be a man” in a society where that can mean so many different things to different people — especially when it all gets misquoted, pulled out of context, and incites misplaced rage, indignation, moral panic, and public outcry?!

Well here at Modern Primate we write about many things. Arts, entertainment, the media, the human experience… and the conversations and sublime misunderstandings about gender, race, and class that crop up in between.

Some of our recurring features include:

Awesomely Bad Movies

Call it anti-fandom. Call it appreciation of camp and kitsch. Call it Kuso. Kyle Anderson reviews classic movies that hit the perfect mark of “so bad it’s good.”

How to Treat a Lady

Each Friday, KK Apple and Tien Tran of Ladiez Home Journal teach you all kinds of fun facts about interacting with vagina-owners — from dating to legislation!

Honorary Troll

Whitney Phillips awards the title of Honorary Troll to individuals singularly talented in the art of controversy. Some Honorary Trolls are actual trolls, others have a score to settle, and others simply make poor life choices!

Santorum Slashfic

Whitney Phillips imagines the curious misadventures of former Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum in this recurring political slash fiction.

Conversations With Geoffrey the Social Media Cat

Chris Menning discusses social media, internet memes, going viral, issues attribution, plagiarism, desperation, and other editorial decision-making problems with his youth culture and social media consultant, Geoffrey, an imaginary cat.

Privilege FTW

Seeking to answer the grandmommy of all political questions: “Trolling? Or just dumb?” Bryce Peake pulls together all those moments when privilege undermines the political, when assumptions about gender and sexuality lead to more assumptions and away from reality. And he does so as a friendly troll – because what’s life like without taking faulty logic to the n-th degree?

Best Dad Ever

Nate Smith really enjoys being a dad and making really unhealthy snacks.


We watch a lot of TV, movies, and Internet videos, and we admit we’re pretty reactionary. So we’ve got a ton of critical reviews and think pieces about those as well.

Here at Modern Primate, we’re always evolving (*wink*nudge*), so there are plenty of one-off pieces on gender, relationships, video games, the occasional recipe for pickled eggs, completely fabricated tales of death by bacon, the ridiculousness of putting turbo buttons on razors, and other forms of navelgazing from contributors like Ned Hepburn, Brad O’Farrell, Shane Billings, Ernest Hadaway, Curt Rancor and more.


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