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  1. bf guide to pinterest header

    Pinterest has grown quickly to become the 3rd largest social network on the web, and has a user base that’s over 80% women. So what does this mean for men, and for that matter, for women?
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  2. We ordered Nathan’s velociraptor costume two weeks ago, and, well, puppies can do a lot of growing in two weeks.

  3. foxnewsmagazineheader

    Does your woman get jealous when she sees you reading a news website? Does her tiny lady brain find the layout of most news sites too confusing? Well, Fox News has the solution!

    Fox News Magazine is a new kind of news magazine, custom-tailored to the habits and interests of a woman. With a layout inspired by Pinterest, her delicate mind won’t have any trouble navigating features like Brooklyn Decker’s Beach Secrets, 8 Steps to Really Clean Windows, How to Keep Mealybugs out of your Flour, and other articles relevant to her unique lifestyle as a housekeeper and a wife.

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    You like cats. You don’t just like cats, you live for cats. There’s nothing ironic about your desire to cover yourself head-to-toe in cat-patterned fabric. Or maybe there is some irony in there, but only to the extent that you can call it irony if anyone tries to judge you for it, even though you genuinely feel that you’re achieving a higher state of pure being-ness by squeezing as many cats into a single outfit as you possibly can.

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  5. greatest tv mustaches

    No type of facial hair is more controversial than the mustache, or moustache depending on how awesome you are. Throughout the years, mustaches have conveyed everything from porn star, to child molester, to police officer, to lumberjack. Can a strip of hair on a guy’s lip really be both feared and trusted? Of course it can! Television has supplied us with hundreds of epic mustachios over the years, but 11 stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here are: THE 11 GREATEST MUSTACHES IN TV HISTORY!

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    Forget working out or buying shoes with lifts. A recent study out of the University of California, Los Angeles has found men holding guns were judged to appear 17% bigger and stronger than those who were unarmed.

    Via The Atlantic
  7. sadbrochadheader

    Life just isn’t fair for dudebros like Chad. Society, the media, and your bros constantly tell you not to be a bitch, then bitches want nothing to do with you because you refer to them as bitches.

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  8. barbershop

    There is no place in the entire world where “guy talk” becomes more mandatory than when getting your haircut. When work conversations turn heteronormative, misogynistic, or bro-ish, you can pretty easily duck away from the water cooler. But when you’re getting your hair cut, you’re physically unable to move. And you have to do it at least once a month for the rest of your life. Sure, it’s not a period, but what an awful thing to have in your life.

    My biggest problem with barber shops is that they always want to talk about girls. I’m extremely out; the CEO of my company follows me on Tumblr and I’ll reblog naked dudes without even thinking about it. But I can’t come out to my barber, ever, because your relationship with your barber never gets deep enough for that to not be TMI.

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  9. We all put our pants on one leg at a time. That is, with the exception of those with less than two legs. (Our sincerest apologies to any amputees among our readership.) Style blog Put This On has a great instructional post about how your pants ought to fit and how to tell if you’re doing it wrong.

    via Rachel Fershleiser
  10. noscrubs

    The body image issues that women face is a well-trodden subject. One that I am neither qualified nor interested in talking about.

    But the body image issues that men deal with is something I think about a lot but rarely hear discussed. Male body image issues is a complicated subject and I think the best way to explain it would be to describe my personal experiences.

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