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    Club tracks are meant to be easy to mix with other club tracks, which is why Pitbull’s “International Love” featuring Chris Brown sounds so similar to Taio Cruz’s “Break Your Heart” featuring Ludacris.

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  2. bigbag swan

    That’s not a lap guitar. That’s a treebranch with a string and a single coil pickup mounted on it. Big-Bag plays it like a lap guitar using a pencil and a bottle of “some stuff we use to clean up wounds.”

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  3. Hey Geoffrey, did you hear the one about the dentist in Indonesia who modified his drill to play mp3s?

    - Yikes. Why would you do that?

    Apparently he wanted to make the experience more bearable. Like, I guess the rationale was that the music would be a novel distraction.

    - Instead, I bet his patients will have phantom tooth pains every time they hear a certain song.

    Mmhmm. And have you seen this list of weird animal penises on The Week?

    - Now that’s really great. You’ve gotta give them credit for not fucking around with the blatant click-bait.

    No doubt. And it’s actually really good. Instead of just being a grotesque photo gallery, it’s all descriptive text. So it’s Safe For Work, and then if one is so inclined you can Google whatever you want to see, like these four-headed echidna penises.

    - Holy mother of God. And I thought I had a weird penis.

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  4. billie joe armstrong

    I’ll never forget buying my first Green Day album, Dookie in 1994. At the time, I felt like this music really spoke for me. This was the music of my generation. Also, I was 10 years old and my parents only gave me the money to buy the tape so I’d give the Cool Runnings soundtrack a rest.

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  5. I first heard “Dirty Paws” in my girlfriend’s iTunes library, and immediately I recognized that it sounded a lot like “Home.”  Now that it’s on this Best Buy commercial I keep hearing it every time I turn on the TV, so I figured I might as well use it in this week’s Modern Primate Does Music.

  6. Most of the time, I like bad pop music. Usually, the more a song sounds like another old hit, the more I appreciate it for being an example of a band doing what works. I really don’t care so much about pop music that’s derivative of other pop music, because at one point or another all of it is.

    But I really don’t like this band Train. Like, at all. It’s not that I think what they’ve done to The Wallflowers’ “One Headlight” is a travesty. No. I just dislike Train for a half dozen other reasons that I lay out in this video.


  7. MarvinGaye

    A couple of weeks ago, I took it upon myself to answer rhetorical questions posed by pop music. Well, after that, I had an influx of unanswered song questions e-mailing me, calling me at all hours of the night, and knocking on my door, disrupting my beauty sleep. So, to appease these abstract concepts, I’m back to answer some more rhetorical questions from popular music.

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  8. For the most part, I hate finding out anything about the people who make the music I like. Music, like all art, is subjective – I’d much rather appreciate a song for the reasons I appreciate it and forego all the disappointing BS in the lives of the musicians themselves.

    But I like Blockhead. And I actually like his Tweets. So here are some of the things he’s Tweeted recently that made me go, “Hey, I’m gonna put that up on my blog.”

  9. Pogo, the guy who made that song out of Alice in Wonderland that you’ve definitely seen (not to mention piles of interesting creations sourced from other movies) has a new song/video out, created from Pulp Fiction. Watch it. You will appreciate it.

  10. Sometimes you hear a song on the radio that you’ve never heard before, but it sounds just like something else you’ve heard a million times before. “Some Nights” buy fun is one of those songs.

    Update: My buddy Nick Douglas over at Slacktory put together this Spotify list of all the influences mentioned in the video! Thanks, Nick!

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