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Privilege FTW

  1. p ftw p v

    From the gentleman that sits on the committee that has continually reduced federal biomedical research budgets for the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health:

    Todd Akin, brave christian warrior – Missouri

    “If it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down”

    Now, feminists all over the web have been quick to critique Dr. Todd Akin, Ob. Gyn., defender of the unborn. “The vagina doesn’t work like a computer, you dumb ass – you can’t unplug it when you shove a crayon in the USB port.” But these ladies are missing the fundamental thing here. Read More »

  2. priviledge ftw sikh turbans

    I hope you said the title in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. The HATE CRIMES (there I said it) perpetrated against the Sikh community of Wisconsin brought about a whole slew of public figures trying to be the moral sphere’s Arnold Schwarzenegger – indirectly of course. Below is a compilation of the oblivious.

    STORY 1: Thank god whitey didn’t die. [NY Daily News]

    New York can sleep easy – no white people were killed in the recent white supremacist attack on a Wisconsin Sikh temple, only brown people died. PHEW! This is a breath of fresh air for a state that hosts a relatively large, but absolutely safe, Sikh community. “Bleeding from his wounds, Murphy waved off fellow officers running to his rescue and sent them instead to tend the wounded in the sanctuary.” Wow, you mean like the call of duty says to do? What a hero for not dying of non-fatal wounds!

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  3. privilege ftw freedom summer

    Remember that time in history when a large group of predominantly white, moderately affluent young people were denied the right to vote? One Salon commenter does. In response to a story about Florida Republicans actively working to suppress black votes, one commenter sees how being a college student today is just like being black in the 60s.

    IT IS LIKE FREEDOM SUMMER, FOLKS! You know Freedom Summer, right? It was the 1960’s and an equally well off group – African Americans in Mississippi – were being denied their right to vote for white supreme political overlords political leaders.

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    Oh MY GAWD- the double standards, with skinny women being forced to pick up the slack for all the fat women who lack beauty. And now they have to deal with fake models like Kate Upton, who are trying to change beauty, or something. Read More »

  5. privilege FTW nazi rosie

    What does white lady liberal feminism and classic economics have in common? Answer: racism, both explicit and casual.

    Clarissa is an academic who writes about feminism and everything else, cuz academics know all of it. This week, she wrote about closure – an “American” phenomenon.

    “English-speakers try to obviate the difficulties they experience in interpersonal communication by creating a series of rules that are supposed to regulate any human contact. The concept of closure is one of those rules. I can see how it might be useful in a culture that views any form of human communication as inherently dangerous. For me, however, it has no use. When I left my ex-husband, for instance, I just packed and moved out. Then I sent him the divorce papers.”

    So, closure is American and refers to all English speakers. Please refer, first, to diagram 1.

    Diagram 1 - there is a lot of non-English in America

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  6. privilegecondoleezza

    Who’s your VP Candidate? Probably a woman, because the only way to fight fire is by using a woman as a trading token for votes. That’s how Mittens is going to play this game…

    When John McCain was going up against big mean Socialist Man of Color Barack Obama, he chose to play The Oppression Olympics by bringing Mrs. Sarah Palin on board – a woman with little if any qualification for running a colony of ants, let alone a country, should old fogey pogue McCain kick the bucket. But alas, the people of the United States decided that failed conservative strategies of war mongering were not going to work were reverse racist and decided that they’d rather have Barack Obama over some old white guy.

    Image care of “feminist community board” 4chan, circa 2008.

    Cue this year’s election. Romney says now, “wouldn’t it be cool if I told the NAACP they were a bunch of government mooches, and SURPRISE MY VICE PRESIDENT CANDIDATE IS CONDOLEEZZA RICE- don’t you want a woman OF COLOR as VP?” Seeing how a regular woman wasn’t enough to convince all those reverse racist voters that white people should rule the world, Mittens has decided that he can convince them to vote for him because he is using an African American woman as bait he believes in America. You’re obviously a sexist racist if you don’t vote for Mittens NOW WITH MORE W.O.C.

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  7. PrivilegeFTW is a recurring feature that poses the grandmommy of all political questions: “Trolling? Or just dumb?” I pull together all those moments when privilege undermines the political, when assumptions about gender and sexuality lead to more assumptions and away from reality. And I do so as a friendly troll – because what’s life like without taking faulty logic to the n-th degree?

    There is a lot going around the blogosphere these days about sexual objectification. But ladies, stop it. Stop being objectified by people who are objectifying you! According to a recent post on Sociological Images, there is a daily routine that you can stop doing, and magically you will be unobjectified- they even promise a future post on a daily routine you SHOULD do… such as donning your habit.

    “What if I want to be sexy for the non-male gaze (i.e. I’m a lesbian)?” Too bad. “What if I want to be sexy for the MALE gazer?” Too bad. “What if I’m not a lady?” Then your sexual objectification is of no concern, apparently. Look ladies and feminine types and all those who want people to be sexually attracted to themselves (but don’t do it in a sexualizing way), the only reason you want to be sexy is because patriarchy. The pleasure you derive from being sexy/ed is PATRIARCHY’S TRICK! INSTEAD, you should want to live in a vacuum of being with no sexy time. Wait, vacuums are a TOOL OF PATRIARCHAL OPPRESSION TOO. For cleaning.

    Now that I’m done trolling, lets get down to business. Obviously, there’s a bit of Puritan logic here. PURITANISM as in CHRISTIANITY – Don’t seek sexual attention, Jesus wants you to love me for me. And, like so many totally effective rape campaigns [sarcasm], we have a typical blame the victim scenario: women, the reason your objectified sexually is because you’re letting men objectify you.

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