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  1. On Forbes, Tim Worstall uses syphilis and penicillin to argue that technology changes which social mores are considered “acceptable” to explain why so many Redditors seemed to find Violentacrez’ actions defensible in his article We Need a New Set of Manners for the Internet.

    Excremental Virtue explains this “if I can do it, it’s permissible” lapse of logic by saying “Posing for photos constitutes an act for which any and all retaliation and “use” is fair, no matter how private their original contexts—including ex-partners circulating erotic photos, including photos taken of women unawares, including men commenting on and masturbating to them.”

    Aaron Brady makes an excellent point in his article Creepshots and the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of ‘Free Speech’ – “when people invoke “free speech” to defend a person’s right to take pictures of unwilling women and circulate those pictures on the internet, they are saying that it is okay to do so.”

    Cranberryzero on I Heart Chaos demonstrates that he has no clue what he’s talking about when he says “when you’re a big enough troll to become both a hero and villain on a site like Reddit, you must be doing something right. The Redditor that goes by the name of Violentacrez has been a Reddit fixture for some time now, operating anonymously… that is until Gawker went and tracked him down.Thoughts? Was it right to out him? At first I thought so, but now, not so much.”

    Over on The Verge lots of commenters are rushing to Reddit’s defense, flubbing details and feebly alleging that Violentacrez was planted by Gawker to make Reddit look bad.

  2. How to Treat a Lady Political Apparel

    Election day is less than 80 days away, and what better way to show your support than with useful/necessary products with the faces/logos of your favorite presidential candidate.

    Obama and Romney certainly think so, because they are hitting the ladies hard with their 2012 Campaign Stores. But now that the Comeback Kids are on their way, these new Romney/Ryan gift totes may just tip the scales. Check out the sweet merch they want all American females and their friends to have. (But especially females. &#$@ they need your vote.) Read More »

  3. How to Treat a Lady: Give Her the Gold

    It’s been a wonderful two weeks of athletic feats! Like, forget-that-you-should-be-working-and-not-streaming-the-olympics-at-your-desk-cheering kind of wonderful. As regular folk, it’s always inspiring to see what the human body is capable of. And you know what!? There’s a little bit of Olympian in all of us. Read More »

  4. How to Treat a Lady thumbs down

    That old adage about having the same interests as your lady of interest could not be truer than on the hallowed pages of THE social network. Facebook likes are pretty much the same thing as your real life activities/preferences/dreams/affinities.

    So how do you do it? Your liking of her likes. As “like” experts and Facebook referees, we’ve seen some interesting patterns. Read on to find out what you’re saying about yourself with every little digital thumbs-up.

    • The following is a transcript of your thoughts. Verbatim. “Oh, what’s that? She had an apple today? LIKE. You know what? I do like that picture of you and your mom in front of the Mall of America. LIKE. Why look at that? Her friend said exactly what I wanted to say about her. LIKE. Oh, I didn’t know she was into pizza. I LIKE pizza!!! She likes breathing air?!?! I LIKE BREATHING AIR!!!” Maybe you’re a little too generous with your likes. Or maybe you think Facebook is a game of Wack-a-Mole because you like everything that appears in your field of vision. Or maybe you are: Boring Read More »
  5. how to treat a lady vintage batman comic

    She’s not going to want to go for the action or adventure because, hell, she’s a lady. You want a boy’s night out.

    That rough voice. That sculpted body. Those plastic pecs. She wants one thing:
    Read More »

  6. Copyright TLC

    You can follow him on Twitter at @iamskippy, Lindsey is @Lindsey_Isham, and Karissa is @MissKarissa. More later.

  7. webmaster

    At one point in your life you may very well find yourself attending a dinner party surrounded by guests with different political affiliations and religious beliefs than you. They’ll be about 20-30 years older than you, and finding common ground for polite conversation can be tricky. But ultimately, this is an okay situation to be in.

    At one point, it’s possible, that you may meet a guest who wants to tell you all about how he used to work in commercial arts. If your partner asks what commercial arts is, and you respond with, “it’s like graphic design,” then be prepared to hear a long-winded speech about kids today with their Photoshop and how nobody appreciates T-Squares like they used to.

    When he inquires about what you do, if you respond with anything having to do with the internet he will only be capable of hearing “I design websites,” even if that is not at all what you do. You can tell him all about content management, editorial, social media, community management, what have you, and he will inevitably steer the conversation back to telling you why you need to learn how to use Dreamweaver because if you can use Microsoft Publisher than you can design a website using Dreamweaver and you can learn all about how to do HTML on the web.

    Do not bother telling him about how you’re more likely to hire a professional developer. In this man’s mind, the entirety of the web is built on the HTML of the 90s and nothing more. At this point you should nod and smile.

    Read More »

  8. How to Treat a Lady

    One of the hardest things about dating, aside from making time for someone else, being responsible for that person’s feeling, and sharing your life with them, is answering the question, “WHAT ARE WE?!??!”

    Read More »

  9. PrivilegeFTW is a recurring feature that poses the grandmommy of all political questions: “Trolling? Or just dumb?” I pull together all those moments when privilege undermines the political, when assumptions about gender and sexuality lead to more assumptions and away from reality. And I do so as a friendly troll – because what’s life like without taking faulty logic to the n-th degree?

    There is a lot going around the blogosphere these days about sexual objectification. But ladies, stop it. Stop being objectified by people who are objectifying you! According to a recent post on Sociological Images, there is a daily routine that you can stop doing, and magically you will be unobjectified- they even promise a future post on a daily routine you SHOULD do… such as donning your habit.

    “What if I want to be sexy for the non-male gaze (i.e. I’m a lesbian)?” Too bad. “What if I want to be sexy for the MALE gazer?” Too bad. “What if I’m not a lady?” Then your sexual objectification is of no concern, apparently. Look ladies and feminine types and all those who want people to be sexually attracted to themselves (but don’t do it in a sexualizing way), the only reason you want to be sexy is because patriarchy. The pleasure you derive from being sexy/ed is PATRIARCHY’S TRICK! INSTEAD, you should want to live in a vacuum of being with no sexy time. Wait, vacuums are a TOOL OF PATRIARCHAL OPPRESSION TOO. For cleaning.

    Now that I’m done trolling, lets get down to business. Obviously, there’s a bit of Puritan logic here. PURITANISM as in CHRISTIANITY – Don’t seek sexual attention, Jesus wants you to love me for me. And, like so many totally effective rape campaigns [sarcasm], we have a typical blame the victim scenario: women, the reason your objectified sexually is because you’re letting men objectify you.

    Read More »

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