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I love memes. A lot. But I think Creamsicle became my all time favorite meme in about 12 hours. Let me explain. It all started with this image:

The image was posted by tumblr user beekkake as a parody of special snowflake syndrome. Beekkake is a Homestuck fan, and Homestuck fans, god bless them, have a subtle troll-based sense of humor. Most people reblogging the image didn’t realize it was a parody and were outraged by the implied slut-shaming. Then, in the midsts of heated feminist arguments, someone suggested that those two girls should just kiss and make up. Then something AMAZING happened.

Within hours the tumblrverse spat out hundreds of drawings of “other girls” and “me” in a tsundere-y romantic context. “Other girls”, named Creamsicle or Other-girls-sempai, and “me”, named Snowflake-chan or Normal-chan became everyone’s new OTP [editors note: that's One True Pairing, FYI]. Everyone seems to agree that Creamsicle is slightly older and the one attempting to instigate the romantic relationship, and that Snowflake-chan is resisting because of her repulsion to the status quo.

The way we steered this ship reminds me a lot of the 4chumblr meme from 2010 when a planned 4chan invasion onto Tumblr shores turned into an adorable shipping meme. The predominantly male 4chan community realized that the tumblr community was¬†predominantly female (at least it seems that way) and that they shouldn’t be fighting, they should be having sex. And of course, the internet version of “having sex” is drawing fan art together.

What I like about the Creamsicle meme is that it represents a truce, not between two nerd subcultures, but between nerds and non-nerds. If I could only pick one thing that I hate about nerds, I would definitely pick their over simplification and prejudice towards non-nerds. Turning anyone into a generalized “other” is never right.

But the great thing about Creamsicle is that it supposes that even the worst-case generalization of “other girls” might be a real person, and that that real person may have hidden depth; Because it’s certainly against the grain of her stereotype to fall in love with Snowflake-chan. I mean, really, when you strip away the memey elements, this is a story about two great characters. One is a Courtney Stodden-esque bimbo who also happens to be a lesbian with weird tastes, and the other is a stuck-up Harry Potter fangirl with an unchecked ego. I would pay good money to see a Hollywood movie about two characters like this falling in love. It just makes every¬†synapse in my brain happy.

Creamsicle and Snowflake-chan will always be my OTP.

For more information on the Creamsicle Snowflake-chan meme, see Know Your Meme.

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  1. Um, just fyi, Creamsicle is the ship name, not the character name for ‘other girl’. The name that matches up with Snowflake is Sunglasses, and beekkake has advanced Gwendolyn and Samantha as their names (Gwendolyn being other girl and Samantha being normal girl). The ship is called Creamsicle because other girl is described as ‘orange’ and normal girl is described as white.

  2. I see that sparkle on your arm.

    And I like it

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