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Reddit is home to a lot of unsavory content. Whether it’s nude photos of underage teens, upskirt photos of teenage girls, rape fantasies, rape confessions, incest fantasies, or other voyeuristic photos of women taken without their knowledge, Reddit is the go-to destination for would-be predators to get their virtual fix.

No wait. Reddit is the home of the saviors of the Internet who single-handedly killed SOPA by building an Internet Bat-Signal, who buy pizza for those in need when they can’t buy their own dinner, and brings strangers together with the largest Secret Santa gift exchange in the world. Clearly Reddit is the home of the good guys. The good guys who will take upskirt photos of your little sister and post them for everyone to see.

Today, the big Reddit drama is that a handful of predatory subreddit moderators (Violentacrez and CreeperComforts to name a few) may soon have their real life identities made public by some anonymous Redditors, in addition to Gawker’s Adrian Chen. In retaliation, some of Reddit’s most popular boards have chosen to ban all links to Gawker.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Chen’s career-serving motives, the fact of the matter is that Reddit’s self-moderating setup allows all kinds of nasty characters to find each other and bond over their mutual fetishes, all the while making victims out of those who’s images they’re sharing. At the end of the day, a few creepers might have their identities made public, but as long as Reddit is moderated the way that it is, there’s nothing stopping more predatory subreddits from forming, and those subreddits will be moderated by similar predators.

There are plenty of equally-problematic mods that aren’t currently being targeted for a public outing, as far as anyone knows. Mods like Antije, Rape Czar of /r/strugglefucking. Antije has been a Redditor for 3 years, and has participated in Reddit’s Summer Santa.

And then there’s lilstumpz, another moderator of /r/strugglefucking and /r/rapingwomen. Lilstumpz has won a “well-rounded” award.

As long as Reddit uses the all-encompassing label of “front page of the Internet” they’ll need to own up to everything that entails, including the rape fantasies and non-consensual snapshots.


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