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Sometimes I like to browse stock photos of people having fun — the more non-specific the better. I imagine what it must be like to be able to have such a good time simply by being around other people yet not really doing anything in particular. I wonder if maybe there’s something wrong with me for not being able to recognize the social cue that dictates when to give a friend a piggy back ride. I wonder what sort of people all decide to dress in beige at the same time. I wonder what sort of activity would require a group of people not dressed in any noticeable athletic garb to form a huddle.

Who are these people having so much non-specific fun and why can’t I join them?

Seriously. What are these people doing? Are they mounting an offense in an incredibly uneven match against the family huddled below?

I’m not so sure that I get “having fun” from this picture as much as I get “being made fun of.” From looking at this photo I get the distinct feeling that these two couples are laughing at me.

Okay, once they make with the piggy-back rides, I do believe they’re having fun. Except for the guy on the right. He’s tolerating this for the money.

Oh god why are you pointing at me? Again, I’m getting the vibe that they’re making fun of me and I don’t know what I did to call so much attention to myself. And I mean, no one is visibly drinking anything, so this qualifies as non-specific fun, but why are we in a bar where no one is drinking?

These kids are taking drugs so expensive that I don’t even know they exist.

Help me. I’ve been trapped by cannibalistic youths. They assure me not to worry, but I can’t move.

Okay, these people are on a beach. Fun surroundings are a good reason for fun.

Okay, these people aren’t having non-specific fun. They’re having business fun, which is an entirely different kind of fun all together.

I don’t fully grasp the appeal of getting together with a group of people dressed in neutral tones, but I suspect it’s a form of business fun.

Wow. This guy has a skateboard AND headphones? I think I just discovered the opposite of business fun.

These people have won the battle against genital sore flare-ups.

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