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  1. racism video

    When people say racist things online, is it okay for bloggers to publicly ridicule them for it? What about when they’re minors? And how can you ever be sure they even are who they say they are in the first place?

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  2. obamanation

    In the interest of representing diverse viewpoints, we’ve brought back resident Men’s Rights activist and Tea Party patriot Curt Rancor to weigh in on the upcoming Presidential election. Curt’s opinions do not represent those of Modern Primate as a whole.

    - The Editor

    Whether or not you agree with me, the fact of the matter is that we are at war. No, I’m not talking about the War on Terror. Obama has already conceded defeat on that front. No, I’m talking about the ongoing war in which Christians are defending themselves against Muslims. I’m not just saying that because he’s black. We truly are at the End of Days as predicted in the Book of┬áRevelations, which is why it’s so important that we defeat Barack Hussein Obama in the 2012 election. Mitt Romney may not really be the right kind of Christian, but he’s close and he’s all we’ve got.

    Now, I know what you may be thinking. All that Apocalypse stuff isn’t really something we need to worry about in our lifetime. We need to defeat Obama so he doesn’t force us all to get gay married and have abortions against our will and line up our old folks into death camps and whatnot. ┬áBut while these are important issues, the fact of the matter is that the Muslim Dome of Rock currently stands where the Temple of David should be in Israel, and the Bible is clear that The Temple must be restored before the Lord’s will can be fulfilled. Read More »

  3. How to Treat a Lady Political Apparel

    Election day is less than 80 days away, and what better way to show your support than with useful/necessary products with the faces/logos of your favorite presidential candidate.

    Obama and Romney certainly think so, because they are hitting the ladies hard with their 2012 Campaign Stores. But now that the Comeback Kids are on their way, these new Romney/Ryan gift totes may just tip the scales. Check out the sweet merch they want all American females and their friends to have. (But especially females. &#$@ they need your vote.) Read More »

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