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Posts Tagged “feminism”

  1. farewell header

    Thank you all so much for watching! This has been the most rewarding Youtube experience that I’ve ever had! You’re all amazing!

    You can follow me on Twitter @straythenomad and on Tumblr at

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    Was the marriage equality profile photo campaign really an empty “slacktivist” gesture? Or do mass demonstrations of controversial opinions help define new social norms?

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  3. what every man should know header

    Is there such a thing as advice that works for “every man?” Let’s find out!

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  4. health header

    Many men would rather die than be treated like a “weakling.” This is another form of misogyny, and it’s killing us.

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    Sometimes death threats are just a part of life. At least they are when you say what you believe. Good thing we have police!

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  6. mbw cool your jets header

    I love a good discussion. But some things are just not up for debate.

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  7. masculism header

    When Duke University Feminists sought to correct some popular misconceptions with the “who needs feminism” campaign, Men’s Rights Activists tried to co-opt the campaign with “I Need Masculism because…” which feminists easily turned back against them.

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  8. mbw header

    You just can’t be a man who takes a stand against rape culture without other men trying to drag you down for it.

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  9. creep header

    Not being creepy means never having to convince someone to have sex with you. You don’t need tactics. You don’t need lines. You don’t need to change her mind about you. She’s only gonna have sex with you if she wants to have sex with you.

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  10. mp header rape culture

    Last week’s video on Steubenville generated a lot of interesting conversations! A lot of people were uneasy with how some of their favorite things like sports and money were implicated as factors that contribute to rape culture in mainstream society, so today I’m explaining things a little deeper.

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