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    On this Mailbag Wednesday, I’m answering your questions about the Boyfriend’s Guides to Pinterest and Downton Abbey and a whole lot more!

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    Pinterest has grown quickly to become the 3rd largest social network on the web, and has a user base that’s over 80% women. So what does this mean for men, and for that matter, for women?
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    Does your woman get jealous when she sees you reading a news website? Does her tiny lady brain find the layout of most news sites too confusing? Well, Fox News has the solution!

    Fox News Magazine is a new kind of news magazine, custom-tailored to the habits and interests of a woman. With a layout inspired by Pinterest, her delicate mind won’t have any trouble navigating features like Brooklyn Decker’s Beach Secrets, 8 Steps to Really Clean Windows, How to Keep Mealybugs out of your Flour, and other articles relevant to her unique lifestyle as a housekeeper and a wife.

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    Today BuzzFeed posted “39 Ways Men Use Pinterest,” consisting of pages that contain phrases like “things my wife should cook” and “things my wife should wear.” Of course, commenters are angry about how “men” supposedly act.

    When you begin with a site that’s geared toward object fetishes, and then search it for “my wife should” it’s easy to find plenty of guys who give guys a bad name, especially when framing it as a generality. Replace “wife” with “husband” and you get exactly the same kind of biased, stereotype-reinforcing results.

    The method may be cherry-picking, but Pinterest seems to have its own gender issues. In other words, this list doesn’t represent the problem with all women, just the problems with women who use Pinterest for making “my husband should” lists.

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