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  1. white history header

    Every February, some white people ask “Why is there no White History Month?” In response, I’m examining the concepts of equality, privilege, and economic class in terms that even the most ignorant should be able to understand. You’re welcome, fellow white people.

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  2. racism video

    When people say racist things online, is it okay for bloggers to publicly ridicule them for it? What about when they’re minors? And how can you ever be sure they even are who they say they are in the first place?

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  3. Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 1.52.10 PM

    A lot is being said about how Romney “won” last night’s debate. By virtue of his passion, he came out ahead in most public opinion polls. Speaking out of turn, spouting falsehoods, and defensively talking over both the President and moderator Jim Lehrer, Romney took the debate in a landslide. Granted, plenty of people are angry with Lehrer, and many paint Obama’s willingness to yield to the interruptions as “losing.” It might have been the President’s strategy to let Romney hang himself from his own noose, but when it comes to public perception, unfortunately it’s a white man’s game. In order to be perceived as “a leader” and “strong” and “the winner” you need to talk angrily out of turn so other white men will see you as someone who “takes what’s rightfully yours.” In other words, you overpower your opponent by force. Read More »

  4. priviledge ftw sikh turbans

    I hope you said the title in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. The HATE CRIMES (there I said it) perpetrated against the Sikh community of Wisconsin brought about a whole slew of public figures trying to be the moral sphere’s Arnold Schwarzenegger – indirectly of course. Below is a compilation of the oblivious.

    STORY 1: Thank god whitey didn’t die. [NY Daily News]

    New York can sleep easy – no white people were killed in the recent white supremacist attack on a Wisconsin Sikh temple, only brown people died. PHEW! This is a breath of fresh air for a state that hosts a relatively large, but absolutely safe, Sikh community. “Bleeding from his wounds, Murphy waved off fellow officers running to his rescue and sent them instead to tend the wounded in the sanctuary.” Wow, you mean like the call of duty says to do? What a hero for not dying of non-fatal wounds!

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  5. Eat the rich: Just because you drive a Ferrari 458 Spyder and date Stephanie Pratt from The Hills, that doesn’t mean you can drive away from a parking ticket and run over the officer’s foot while doing so. [blameitonthevoices]

    Oops, I’m Racist: What do you call someone who gives you something and then takes it back? If you’re Matt Lauer, a racial epithet. [Jezebel]

    Jingo a Go-Go: Fox News thinks that Brits at the Olympics ought to be chanting USA-USA. [Mother Jones]

    Fake Accent Pick Up Artists: Trying to impress a girl by pretending to be from another country might work in a small town in the middle of nowhere, but NYC has to be the last place where anyone will buy your fake accent. [Joanne Casey]

    Watch it: People Walking Into Stuff compilation [worldwideinterweb]


  6. Dodai Stewart defends the fact that some Olympic athletes are fat, and that’s okay. [Jezebel]

    In regards to Girls‘ casting calls for a “sexy” El Salvadoran and an “overweight” African American with a “good sense of humor,” Treebraids ponders the question “What’s the difference between legitimate diversity and crass tokenism?” [ONTD]

    Men in Japan beat the heat with parasols. [Reuters]

    When the small Minnesota town of Madison Lake sought to break the world record for the World’s Largest Bikini Parade, only 39 people chose to participate. [AP]

    Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink is currently in talks to direct Bad Santa 2 [Bleedingcool]

    Up top, Grand Theft Tardis London T-Shirt mashes up Doctor Who and Grand Theft Auto [Ript Apparel]

  7. webmaster

    At one point in your life you may very well find yourself attending a dinner party surrounded by guests with different political affiliations and religious beliefs than you. They’ll be about 20-30 years older than you, and finding common ground for polite conversation can be tricky. But ultimately, this is an okay situation to be in.

    At one point, it’s possible, that you may meet a guest who wants to tell you all about how he used to work in commercial arts. If your partner asks what commercial arts is, and you respond with, “it’s like graphic design,” then be prepared to hear a long-winded speech about kids today with their Photoshop and how nobody appreciates T-Squares like they used to.

    When he inquires about what you do, if you respond with anything having to do with the internet he will only be capable of hearing “I design websites,” even if that is not at all what you do. You can tell him all about content management, editorial, social media, community management, what have you, and he will inevitably steer the conversation back to telling you why you need to learn how to use Dreamweaver because if you can use Microsoft Publisher than you can design a website using Dreamweaver and you can learn all about how to do HTML on the web.

    Do not bother telling him about how you’re more likely to hire a professional developer. In this man’s mind, the entirety of the web is built on the HTML of the 90s and nothing more. At this point you should nod and smile.

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  8. I realize that plenty of you are fully capable of browsing through Tweets on your own. But some of you aren’t. So this is for you. The latter group.

    There’s a hashtag currently trending called #ThingsRomneyShouldSaytotheNAACP that’s filled with a mix of ernest support, genuine racism, ironic racism, sarcasm, and everything in between.

    #ThingsRomneyShouldSaytotheNAACP Job creation through pro-growth policies will greatly benefit the black communities unemployment numbers.
    #ThingsRomneyShouldSayToTheNAACP You've been had! You've been took! You've been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!
    Douglas Bass
    The blatant racism coming from conservatives at this tag is appalling #ThingsRomneyShouldSaytotheNAACP
    #ThingsRomneyShouldSayToTheNAACP, I'm not prejudice, I watched roots twice and met Bobby Brown
    Tony Roberts

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  10. neverseenit

    Last week, PBS Arts’ Off Book presented a cursory look inside the culture of Reddit, showcasing Random Acts of Pizza, Sopa, and ShitReddit Says. While the video began and ended on some of the humanitarian aspects of the site, the middle section reminded the viewer that not all of Reddit is all sunshine and pizza.

    In the video, Stephen Bruckert says the following,

    “all of this terrible misogynistic shit gets up voted all the way to the top all the time … Certainly the voting system would seem to indicate that women are irrational sex object. If we judge Reddit by the voting system, that’s what Reddit thinks.”

    In the comments on the thread, the video received a strong backlash for daring mention that anyone could possibly sexist.

    “Wow. That was good except for the extremely hyperbolic out-of-proportion amount of time spent on misogyny. I’ve been on this site for 4 years with two names, and rarely see posts being honestly rude to women that aren’t downvoted heavily. SRS needs to get over themselves.”


    So was it really such an embellishment? I took a few screenshots

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