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  1. health header

    Many men would rather die than be treated like a “weakling.” This is another form of misogyny, and it’s killing us.

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    This Mail Bag Wednesday I’m thanking my haters. And fans too, but this one’s mostly for the haters.

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  3. bf guide to pinterest header

    Pinterest has grown quickly to become the 3rd largest social network on the web, and has a user base that’s over 80% women. So what does this mean for men, and for that matter, for women?
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  4. girlsmadeof

    We supposedly live in an era where gender norms are to be broken, or at least regularly questioned.  Young men are into My Little Pony, 7-year-old girls not only read superhero comics but criticize their portrayals of women, and it is a sign of being a decent parent not to force your kid to like whatever stereotypically boy- or girl-themed shows, toys, movies, or books happen to match his or her anatomy.

    So, as a father of a 5-year-old girl, I have tried to expose my daughter to a variety of possible interests, including things that are, according to some, “just for boys.”  While this has gone well at home and she has a diverse set of interests, the response when interacting with other kids remains the same as always: many boys her age don’t think she should be into Batman or Star Wars or whatever.  She should only be playing princesses and horsies and dollies according to them.  Frankly, I expected this response and can write it off as no big deal since they are other kids.  However, recently I’ve begun to notice the most annoying gendered assumptions and comments directed at my daughter aren’t those made by other kids . . . they are those made offhandedly by random adult women who have an occasion to talk to her.

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  5. PrivilegeFTW is a recurring feature that poses the grandmommy of all political questions: “Trolling? Or just dumb?” I pull together all those moments when privilege undermines the political, when assumptions about gender and sexuality lead to more assumptions and away from reality. And I do so as a friendly troll – because what’s life like without taking faulty logic to the n-th degree?

    There is a lot going around the blogosphere these days about sexual objectification. But ladies, stop it. Stop being objectified by people who are objectifying you! According to a recent post on Sociological Images, there is a daily routine that you can stop doing, and magically you will be unobjectified- they even promise a future post on a daily routine you SHOULD do… such as donning your habit.

    “What if I want to be sexy for the non-male gaze (i.e. I’m a lesbian)?” Too bad. “What if I want to be sexy for the MALE gazer?” Too bad. “What if I’m not a lady?” Then your sexual objectification is of no concern, apparently. Look ladies and feminine types and all those who want people to be sexually attracted to themselves (but don’t do it in a sexualizing way), the only reason you want to be sexy is because patriarchy. The pleasure you derive from being sexy/ed is PATRIARCHY’S TRICK! INSTEAD, you should want to live in a vacuum of being with no sexy time. Wait, vacuums are a TOOL OF PATRIARCHAL OPPRESSION TOO. For cleaning.

    Now that I’m done trolling, lets get down to business. Obviously, there’s a bit of Puritan logic here. PURITANISM as in CHRISTIANITY – Don’t seek sexual attention, Jesus wants you to love me for me. And, like so many totally effective rape campaigns [sarcasm], we have a typical blame the victim scenario: women, the reason your objectified sexually is because you’re letting men objectify you.

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  6. magic mike header

    This probably sounds so obvious that it should go without saying, but if you’re a straight guy, you probably shouldn’t go see Magic Mike in the theater.

    Whitney had been excited to see the movie for weeks, and although I didn’t exactly share her sentiment, I agreed to go with her. I wasn’t quite ready to admit the reasons that I didn’t want to see the movie, and I knew that any other reason would make me seem homophobic.

    Sitting through Magic Mike was an extremely uncomfortable experience for me. It wasn’t because of the scene where Matthew McConaughey gyrated behind Alex Pettyfer as he taught him how to dance. It wasn’t because of the scene where Joe Manganiello pumped up his blurry penis before going onstage. It wasn’t because of any of the homoerotic themes of the movie which, in my opinion wasn’t nearly gay enough for something hyped as The Greatest Gay Movie Ever Made – I mean, I don’t recall a single openly gay character in the movie.

    No, what made me uncomfortable was the audience of middle-aged women shouting catcalls at the screen the entire time. It felt to me like the subtext was a simple “women get objectified on screen all the time, now it’s our turn, ladies!”

    As Melissa from Power Animals put it so gleefully…

    I could say that while I feel bad that we are entering a time when young men are having just as many body issues as females because of the increasingly unrealistic body images out there for both genders, I feel it is the only way men can understand the pressure that the male gaze in media puts on women and thus help us all work towards mutual change.  I could say a lot of things about the objectification of women and men and what it means for all of us but what I’m going to really go ahead and say is this: ABS! CHESTS! GYRATIONS! DANCING! CHANNING TATUM’S AWFUL ACTING: WHO CARES! ALCIDE!!!!!!!

    As the women in the audience hooted and hollered, I felt my sympathy for any woman who ever complained about objectification shrink.

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  7. In case you missed it, Fox and Friends host Gretchen Carlson walked off the set yesterday following a sexist joke made by co-host Brian Kilmeade.

    In response to a line from Steve Doocy about how the US Navy Sea Chanters have included women since 1980, Kilmeade quipped, “women are everywhere. We’re letting them play golf and tennis now. It’s out of control.”

    “You know what? You read the headlines! Take them away!” responded Carlson, smiling as she walked off the set.

    Carlson’s choice to smile as she left the set has been met with mixed interpretations, with Mediaite calling it “faux outrage” and The Frisky saying she walked off “Jokingly” while others like Jezebel and Think Progress reading nothing into her smile.

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  8. anitasarkeesian

    It’s no secret that if you play video games online, someone at some point is going to call you names and threaten to rape and murder you, your family, and your pets. It happens to male gamers and female gamers alike. But considering how women experience a much higher incidence of domestic violence in real life, it should come as no surprise that women experience a disproportionate amount of harassment in gaming spaces.

    Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist pop culture media critic working on an upcoming video series that looks at how female characters are portrayed in video games. Because she has a vagina and opinions, she’s been the target of a massive outpouring of harassment. But all that negative attention has a silver-lining – her Kickstarter goal has been exceeded tenfold!

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  9. A lot has been said about the pussification of today’s generation of men and I think I’ve pin-pointed the beginning of the end. It all started in 1974, with this ad for Roman Brio aftershave.

    Notice how the man in the ad admits that he’s willing to try playing backgammon. Granted, he knew well enough to distance himself from the limp-wristed backgammon by assuring the reader that he’s a poker player at heart. With its emphasis on reading body language, emotional cues, and other nonverbal communications, poker is truly an exercise in manliness. But tell your poker buddies you’re playing backgammon and they might think you’ve gone soft.

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  10. neverseenit

    Last week, PBS Arts’ Off Book presented a cursory look inside the culture of Reddit, showcasing Random Acts of Pizza, Sopa, and ShitReddit Says. While the video began and ended on some of the humanitarian aspects of the site, the middle section reminded the viewer that not all of Reddit is all sunshine and pizza.

    In the video, Stephen Bruckert says the following,

    “all of this terrible misogynistic shit gets up voted all the way to the top all the time … Certainly the voting system would seem to indicate that women are irrational sex object. If we judge Reddit by the voting system, that’s what Reddit thinks.”

    In the comments on the thread, the video received a strong backlash for daring mention that anyone could possibly sexist.

    “Wow. That was good except for the extremely hyperbolic out-of-proportion amount of time spent on misogyny. I’ve been on this site for 4 years with two names, and rarely see posts being honestly rude to women that aren’t downvoted heavily. SRS needs to get over themselves.”


    So was it really such an embellishment? I took a few screenshots

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