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Pinterest has grown quickly to become the 3rd largest social network on the web, and has a user base that’s over 80% women. So what does this mean for men, and for that matter, for women?

For more information on Pinterest and Feminism, check out Nathan Jurgenson’s article on The Society Pages at

Talk Show Boy – “Testosterone”
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Latché Swing – “Hungaria”
Ergo Phizmiz and Margita Zalite – “Rolands Vegners”
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  1. Actually, thanks to Pinterest, I’ve gotten reacquainted with the feminism and gender issues I was once preoccupied with back in college. There are a LOT of awesome feminism boards on Pinterest. I even discovered your website because someone pinned your video about rape culture and the Stuebenville scandal [spelling?]. So yeah, doesn’t feel too hetero-normative to me. People just pin what they’re into. (Which sometimes includes cupcakes and obnoxious weight-loss plan photos).

  2. I love Pinterest. Not for the ‘oh my godess my home must look like this’ (as it dosen’t and I’m very happy with that) or cupcakes (I don’t get cupcake – they don’t even taste good) – but for cool pictures of knit and inspiration for knitting cool stuff (okay there are mostly a lot of not so cool pics). Cause I knit. I’m a knitter. NO – I’m not old. YES – I’m a feminist. I have a small bussiness selling yarn and patterns. I love to knit – but that’s not all of me.

    Pinterest are mostly for women and there are a lot of yoga-tea-towl-types there but there is also a lot of design-people and professional design-people – women and men.

    And I tell you I’m so happy that all the ‘look-she-has-big-boops’ pictures are somewere else.

    Hehe so funny, I just went to Pinterest… And I like your board on Wedding shoes :D Please make a video of you wearing silver shoes, pleeease

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