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When people say racist things online, is it okay for bloggers to publicly ridicule them for it? What about when they’re minors? And how can you ever be sure they even are who they say they are in the first place?


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  1. OMG Zoe Kimball is dragged into this!!!
    Point 1: It’s the racists responsablility MOST and FIRST,
    Point 2: Dude, if you really believe that anyone thinks ANY Zoe Kimbal account is really Zoe Kimball, you’re a moron.
    Everyone knows that ALL zoe? kimball accounts with any zoe kimball photos are FAKE FAKE FAKE
    Only ignoramuses like you wouldn’t be able tell the diff. So: Zoe Kimball has been FAKED for THREE years already! Not like ANYONE is gonna think NOW that she’s a racist or w/e

    “how can you ever be sure they even are who they say they are?”
    Soooo, your suggestion we let everyone say w/e they without EVER calling them on it? That’s not only cowardly lame, it’s dangerous too. From Yugoslavia to Hitler to every progrom and every lynching in America the “beautiful” bad stuff always start with people not take responsability for what they say.

    Basically, what your vid comes down to is this:
    It’s FAR worse to BE CALLED a racist, than to BE a racist. You’re wrong and a little immoral.

    You sound like those who couldn’t care less that thousands of women get raped ALL THE TIME on campuses and in the army but oh boy, should they EVER falsely accuse a man of rape, ooooh that’s much worse, ain’t it. Bubba?

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